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Andy, representing Tulsa, Oklahoma, is your go-to guru for top-tier steak spots and genuine Mexican cuisine. When he's not savoring delicious dishes, you'll catch him dominating the soccer field, fueled by his passion for the game. Looking for local tips or a soccer buddy? Andy's here to assist!


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A seasoned world traveler, Haley finds her heart anchored in Seattle. With over a decade in the Pacific Northwest, she's an expert on everything the region offers, from breathtaking nature activities and exquisite seafood to the vibrant underground music scene.


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From Italy to Ohio and now Kyoto, Satoru's journey is as eclectic as his Japanese roots. A musician who has toured from Hokkaido to Kyushu, he's eager to share his tales and tips. Got questions about Japan? Satoru's your go-to!


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Born and raised in Lima, Lucero knows the ins and outs of most neighborhoods and always has great recommendations up her sleeve. If you ask her where to eat authentic Nikkei cuisine, you'll have a list that will last you years!


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Mateo was born in Cali and raised in Miami, but eventually decided to buy real estate in Cali and set deeper roots in his hometown. He's the perfect expert to help you with recommendations of all kinds!


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Joaquin was born and raised in Quintana Roo, and has spent most of his entire life living in Playa Del Carmen. Not only does he know all the best restaurants, activities, and tours, it's likely he knows the owners of each shop! He's an expert who knows the area better than the back of his hand.


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Greg grew up running the streets of NYC and has spent his adult life discovering the unique bits that give the city it's character. In his free time he likes to attends art openings, play sports in Central Park, explore the city's food scene, and occasionally indulge in the city's vibrant nightlife.


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Dani was born and raised in Colombia, and moved to Medellin in her early twenties. Since then, she's helped a number of her friends move to Medellin and has experienced all that the city has to offer. Don't miss out on her long list of places with the best music in Medellin.


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Erika has spent most of her adult life exploring the various parts of Austin. She's intimately familiar with all the best restaurants, spots to relax, artistic adventures, and more. Warning: she's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!


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Raised in New Delhi and seasoned by a decade in Seattle, Aniket is now embracing the slow travel lifestyle across the globe. Always just a message away, he's your insider for tips and tricks on the many places he's explored.


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Devan is a California native and always ready to show you around with a smile. Message him for personalized recommendations or to savor his homemade Chai. Fancy a game of tennis? He's your perfect match!

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