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Short-term rentals
(Airbnb, Vrbo)
move-in ready
15-25% fees
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1-12 month stays
move-in ready
$99 / stay
($0 for members)
curated listings
guides & experts
global community
Long-term lease
(local broker, etc.)
12+ months
(moving & furnishing)
(broker, application, etc.)
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Orca made it extremely easy to live in a place I had never been.
Caleb T
person image
Orca’s apartments are so reliable for remote workers… I've enjoyed every minute.
Finley T
person image
Makes it feel as though a friend is giving me a trustworthy recommendation.
Andy M
person image
Fucking amazing… I love this.
Waseem S
person image
This is great… security baked in with convenience and good pricing.
Josef P
person image
It's about time there were more companies in this space.
Elliot P
person image
Orca has a shot at making the global rental market more efficient.
Warren S
person image
I can really feel like a local in each city I choose to live in.
Michael H
person image
[Orca] is making the life of remote workers super easy.
Pritesh K
person image
Orca team definitely put a lot of thought into selecting listings for remote workers.
Sumanth P
person image
[Orca] will transform the way that people look at work and travel moving forward.
Mitch V
person image
As a world traveler, Orca Pass is definitely going to change the game! 👏🏾
Jeanine S
person image
This is exactly what I was looking for since Airbnb came out.
Alex B

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